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Name:Sabre Electric Blade S2000 Coloured
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Sabre Electric Blade S 2000 Coloured 

All kinds of Weapon and Blade we had:

  • Fencing Weapon for Sabre, Foil, and Sabre are available.
  • All of them have standard one and coloured and golden, which can meet your different requirement, but only standard one for practice weapon and blade.
  • Size: We have size 0# for children and 5# for adult.
  • One Electrical Weapon complete includes blades, handles, guards, sockets, pommels and pads
  • Please indicate with right hand or left hand when ordering.
  • For Foil and Epee, Pistol and straight type handle are available.
  • We have all kinds of pistol handle like Japan, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hungary, and French which could meet all kinds of your requirement.

You can e-mail to us if you need price list for all of them



Sabre Electric Weapon Complete


Sabre Electric Weapon Complete Coloured


Sabre Electric Weapon Complete Golden


Sabre Electric Blade S 2000


Sabre Electric Blade Coloured


Sabre Electric Blade Golden


Sabre  Practice Weapon Complete


Sabre Blade Practice S2000


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