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Name:Sabre Weapon S2000
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Sabre Electric Weapon S 2000 Complete Golden

All kinds of Weapon and Blade we had:

  • Fencing Weapon for Sabre, Foil, and Sabre are available.
  • All of them have standard one and coloured and golden, which can meet your different requirement, but only standard one for practice weapon and blade.
  • Size: We have size 0# for children and 5# for adult.
  • One Electrical Weapon complete includes blades, handles, guards, sockets, pommels and pads
  • Please indicate with right hand or left hand when ordering.
  • For Foil and Epee, Pistol and straight type handle are available.
  • We have all kinds of pistol handle like Japan, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hungary, and French which could meet all kinds of your requirement.

You can e-mail to us if you need price list for all of them



Sabre Electric Weapon Complete


Sabre Electric Weapon Complete Colored


Sabre Electric Weapon Complete Golden


Sabre Electric Blade S2000


Sabre Electric Blade Colored


Sabre Electric Blade Golden


Sabre  Practice Weapon Complete


Sabre Blade Practice S2000

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