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Name:Carpet CONDACTIVE Fencing Piste for competition
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conductive Rubber fencing Piste for competition 16*1.5 m, made by rubber with lame on surface , It is easy to take.

we also have material  artificial leather+Textile conductive fencing Piste which is cheap.

The Rubber conductive fencing Piste is mainly used for fencing camp.


Should I order conductive Rubber fencing Piste or aluminium alloy?

1. conductive Rubber fencing Piste is light and easy to move, it is mainly used in fencing camp, It is easy scrap when fencing if the weapon touch the fencing piste. so less life time

2. aluminium alloy fencing piste is heavy, and used for fencing school and fencing club, It has long life time, not easy scrap.

FIE aluminium alloy fencing piste from OK Fencing used for fencing club and fencing school



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